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Premium Account

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A Premium Account membership can be purchased in the Call of War shop.

Premium Account membership provides a multitude of benefits, especially useful comfort features that help with managing your country and troops while you are away. Following is a list of the benefits:

On desktop and mobile:

  • Build Queue – Use the hourglass button in the build menu to put multiple new productions or constructions into a waiting line. As soon as the province has capacity and enough resources are available, the production and construction will start. This is a handy tool to schedule build orders ahead.
  • Fire Control – Adjust the behavior of all ranged units as well as of Submarines and Destroyers by choosing from various fire control settings in the army interface. Units with an “offensive” or “aggressive” setting automatically stop movement to fire on targets in range, while units set to “return fire” ignore enemies in range unless they are attacked.
  • Rally Points – Set rally points on the map for urban provinces via the province bar or province list. New units produced in these provinces will automatically move towards the specified location, preventing idle time.
  • Shared Intelligence with allies – Allows you to grant the Shared intelligence diplomatic relation to other players, e.g. to players in your coalition. You can do so in the diplomacy menu or via trading. Shared intelligence allows the other player to see your espionage results and revealed enemy units, which is handy for joint operations against common enemies.
  • Exclusive Premium Account badge – Show off your support for the game with an exclusive Premium Account badge, which is displayed next to your name in your profile and in the player ranking in the newspaper.
  • Free entry to gold rounds – Game rounds may be created with special rules that require players to pay an entry fee in gold. Players with a Premium Account can join these rounds for free.

Only on desktop:

  • Create your own game rounds – You are able to create 1 custom game round per month with your own game rules. You can even set a game password so only players that know it (like your friends) can enter. The following 3 scenarios can be created by players: Europe – Road to War, 1939 – Blitzkrieg and Europe – Clash of Nations. Your account needs to have reached at least level 11 in order to create a game.
  • Post images in the newspaper – When you are writing newspaper articles you can add some flavor to them by attaching custom images. Please adhere to the terms of service when selecting images.

A Premium Account can be purchased in the Call of War shop (image shows the desktop shop) or the Mobile Shop: